Prodent Max is a new herbal toothpaste company that believes in old-fashioned values. Just as our ancestors did, we believe all natural healing properties come from Mother Earth. In today’s society, commercial toothpaste is loaded with many different toxins and chemicals; we believe in taking the natural approach, which has been successful for many centuries. 


Have you ever read the drug facts panel on the back of a toothpaste tube? When you’re done trying to pronounce ingredients with 36 letter long names, try reading the back of our label. Prodent Max uses the simplest organic and natural ingredients to create a whole new kind of toothpaste experience.


Here at Prodent Max, we are making a difference in oral health care without all of the harmful toxins. Prodent Max toothpaste has so many benefits for healthy oral care. It will clean and whiten your teeth as well as cleanse your gums, leaving you with a beautiful smile and fresh breath. The ingredients used in this organic toothpaste are known to boost your oral health care and enhance your smile. Prodent Max is great for vegans, vegetarians, smokers, coffee drinkers, wine drinkers, children, teens, adults and anyone who is interested in healthy oral care.


As a black entrepreneur and humanitarian, I believe in preserving all life at every level. We only live once and should make the best of it. Let us stop being a victim and start being a victor. Life is beautiful. Remember, love and understanding conquers all.

Prodent Max


You already know about Prodent Max’s organic, natural ingredients, but did you know that we can ship Prodent Max right to your doorstep? Leave chemicals in the past and bring home a tube of Prodent Max today and transform your oral care routine!