Prodent Max is a new herbal toothpaste company that believes in old-fashioned values. Just as our ancestors did, we believe all natural healing properties come from Mother Earth. In today’s society, commercial toothpaste is loaded with many different toxins and chemicals; we believe in taking the natural approach, which has been successful for many centuries. 

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Prodent Max Cool Spearmint

Prodent Max is a revolutionary toothpaste made with natural and organic ingredients that help you maintain the highest possible quality of oral healthcare. Each 4 ounce tube lasts around 90 days and has a refreshing mint flavor that will keep your mouth feeling squeaky clean all day long.



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Prodent Max is a revolutionary toothpaste made with natural and organic ingredients that help you maintain the highest possible quality of oral healthcare. Each 4 ounce tube lasts around 90 days and has a refreshing mint flavor that will keep your mouth feeling squeaky clean all day long.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,  Bentonite Clay,  Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Milk Powder,
Commiphora Myhrrha (Myrrh) Oil, Cyamoposis Tetragonoloba (Guar Gum) Powder,
Eugenia Cargophyllus (Clove) Oil, Glycerin Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil,
Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Oil, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil,
Organic Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint) Oil, Organic Stevia Extract Powder,
Organic Xylitol, Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate,  Xanthan Gum

20 reviews for Prodent Max Cool Spearmint

  1. Billie House

    Great toothpaste. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and revived. It leaves your teeth feeling clean and polished. This is my toothpaste for life.

  2. Shreemone Buchanan (verified owner)

    Love this! Really gives a great clean, with whitening all in one! My teeth look and feel polished, like I just left the dentist. Love that it’s a natural product!

  3. Vanessa Spears (verified owner)

    ProdentMax is the perfect alternative to traditional chemical based tooth pastes. It cleans without burning and irritation, and leaves a light refreshing cool mint sensation. The texture and consistency it good and feels soothing on your gums. This is an awesome product that I plan to continue to use.

  4. Adrianne Harper (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of toothpaste but wasn’t 100% satisfied until I tried ProdentMax. It doesn’t just give me that oral cleanliness I want but it also gives me that bright shiny glossy smile. Best toothpaste ever!!! I finally found the perfect healthy toothpaste. I’m a customer for life,,,this new organic toothpaste is AMAZING!!!

  5. Cynthia Fulton (verified owner)

    Prodent Max gives me a clean refreshing feeling especially on my gums and I love that the all natural ingredients are used to whiten my teeth. I am very pleased with Prodent Max and will continue to use and recommend to others. Prodent Max you have a satisfied customer.

  6. Ronesia

    By far the best toothpaste I’ve ever used. ProdentMax toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling clean and teeth looking white. This will be the only toothpaste i will ever use. Absolutely love it!

  7. Ramyiah LaShay

    This toothpaste is beyond amazing . It’s insane how white my teeth has gotten after using this product .. I can’t wait to buy more tubes ! I love it , and I definitely recommend it . It’s a win .

  8. Brian Battle (verified owner)

    My mouth never felt so clean!!! It’s not harsh as regular toothpaste and the freshness stays longer. I smoke and my teeth are noticeably whiter after I use it. Great toothpaste!!!!

  9. Ronald

    I”be only used this toothpaste for one day and it has already pulled all types of plaques and tart out my teeth. I have been using my former favor brand Crest but has never shown results like this so quickly . I would recommend this to everybody. Especially to those with dental hygiene. Versa satisfied.

  10. Cortney

    One word
    Phenomenal!!! Great job ProdentMax, I love it and will definitely recommend it to everyone I know. I just found a new toothpaste and will NEVER use that old stuff again

    Thanks ProdentMax for brightening up my smile.

  11. Theresa Phillips

    Wow, I have never experienced a toothpaste that leaves your mouth so fresh and my tongue feels like a little girl again. This toothpaste removes all the bacteria that you are not able to see but is able to taste when you are eating. Again I just wanna say WOW . I have been waiting for this toothpaste for a long time. Thank you. The best toothpaste ever.

  12. Christina Epps (verified owner)

    Prodent Max is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It’s leaves your teeth and mouth feeling amazingly refreshed after each use. I love that it is natural as well. Throw away those other brands of toothpaste because they have NOTHING on this toothpaste. Definitely a lifetime product for my family💙.

  13. Glen Cheatham

    Prodent Max is the best tooth paste I’ve ever used. It is worth the Price! The Toothpaste is way safer than any other toothpaste. It leaves your mouth feeling good. Its a expensive Toothpaste but can Keep your mouth Fresh longer than these other toothpaste.

  14. Phillip

    This toothpaste has been helpful for me. My teeth was clean and healthy. It’s better than any other toothpaste out there. One time, I was sick and I used this Prodent Max toothpaste and it made the sickness go away. This product can whiten your teeth and make your gums clean and fresh. I recommend this for anyone.

  15. Yvonne Arie

    I just found out about this toothpaste and thought I would give it a try and I am so excited about it!!! Thank you ProdentMax for changing my life. I will never go back to that other toothpaste again!!! Good job!

  16. Jackie Jackson

    I cant believe I’ve been poisoning myself for 40 years with toxic chemicals used in mainstream toothpaste. I love the fact that Prodentmax is all natural

  17. Marion Clarke (verified owner)

    I enjoy the cool spearmint flavor. I can also taste the organic herbs which is super nice. Prodent Max leaves my breath fresh all day long. No fluoride and safe!

  18. Simpli E (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE PRODENT MAX!!!! I tell all my friends, Prodent Max goes everywhere I go. I am in New Orleans and yes honey Prodent Max is with me!! My mouth feels so clean and fresh. No other toothpaste can do what Prodent Max can do!!

  19. Jamal – Ambient Amazon (verified owner)

    Wow !! This toothpaste product is by far the best toothpaste on the market. Safe (no fluoride) simple (natural ingredients) and my breath/mouth is so refreshed after each use.
    Try it and you will understand “the words that’s coming out of my mouth”. Gave some to friends and family and they all have given positive reviews back to me.

  20. Lakesha Jackson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it’s my second time ordering and I will be back for more

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