Prodent Max is a new herbal toothpaste company that believes in old-fashioned values. Just as our ancestors did, we believe all natural healing properties come from Mother Earth. In today’s society, commercial toothpaste is loaded with many different toxins and chemicals; we believe in taking the natural approach, which has been successful for many centuries.

5 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

There are several things that your dentist wants to tell you and these include the following:

Dentists Do Not Recommend Flossing Just to be Annoying. This Keeps Your Teeth and Body Healthy.

The common area you see lots of buildup on teeth is in between them. You cannot remove or see this yourself. It’s this buildup between teeth, which frequently leads to gum disease. Flossing is the only way to clean the in between of your teeth.

Avoid Cavities by Limiting Your Sugar Intake.

The cavities are related to how frequently you consume acidic or sugar drinks. Each time you drink or eat something with acid or sugar, this bathes your teeth in it. Your mouth’s pH drops and the bacteria may get to work breaking down tooth enamel. If you are taking a bite or sip each twenty minutes, your teeth won’t rest. Limit eating to mealtimes and 1 or 2 designated snack times. You may do other things right, yet if you won’t do it, you will continue getting cavities.

Never Wait Until Something Hurts to Consult Your Dentist.

Majority of dental problems never hurt until they’re really bad. Do you want to wait until you experienced a heart attack before getting treatments for heart diseases? Of course, not. This must be the same with dental issues. They must be taken care of while they’re uninvolved and small. Major dental works are also far costlier compared to minor scaling and fillings and root planning. Crown is at least four times as costly as a filling. If you require a root canal, you have just doubled the cost.

Please Take Time to Brush Your Teeth Properly.

Brush for 2 minutes. Many people brush only for about thirty seconds. You cannot get close to getting rid of the plaque on your teeth in thirty seconds regardless of how fast and hard you brush. Get a disclosing solution and put this on your teeth before you start brushing. See if you could get rid of all in thirty seconds.  Brushing in 2 minutes full will protect your teeth from gum disease, cavities, and provide you minty fresh breath throughout the day.

Never Be Embarrassed to Come in Even If You’ve Been to a Dentist for a Long Time.

Don’t get embarrassed when seeing your dentist, the role of these professionals is to make your mouth healthy and clean.

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